Call911 Smart Terminal

Connecting those who do not use smartphones to family, friends and caregivers who do.

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In the fast paced world of today, smartphones have become the new home phone and text messaging the modus operandi. Those who might benefit from an always-on textable-connection to friends, family and caregivers, but have chosen not to embrace the smartphone, have been left behind and at risk.

We all know how it is. Voice calls to cell phones are routinely ignored unless preceded by a text message, doctor appointments are confirmed by text message and essential-service messages often arrive by text. In social and business encounters today, it is far more common to hear “Shoot me a text.” than it is “Give me a call.”

Though the social benefits of the digital age are many, for those not using smartphones, the digital divide has become a chasm. The Call911 Smart Terminal offers an effective and economical solution to this problem by providing users with a level of connection, protection and service formally beyond their reach.

If there is someone in your life with whom you would like to be connected through text messaging, please consider placing a Call91 Smart Terminal in their living space. Setup of the Smart Terminal is fast, easy and can be done remotely. The cost of the unit is $250 and the ongoing monthly subscription is just $10.00. The payoff in terms of safety and peace of mind will be huge.


Internet Intercom
Speaker Phone
Local Phone Number
One Button Calls
One Button Texts & Email

The Basics
The Call911 Smart Terminal is first and foremost a voice and text telephone with it's own phone number. It connects to the global telephone network using WiFi. The terminal's area code and phone number are selected during the setup process from any area code in the United States. Like a smart phone, the phone number is used for voice calls and text messages.

Internet Intercom & Speaker Phone
The terminal provides excellent audio quality as a speaker phone. Internet Intercom refers to a feature whereby the terminal answers a call and goes into speaker phone mode whenever the incoming phone call is from a caller on it's friends and family list.

One Button Calling
Outgoing phone calls are handled by selecting the person being called from the list and pushing the green lighted button. In the case of an emergency services call, pushing the red lighted button immediately starts a voice call to 911 as well as attaching accurate location information to the call.

One Button Texting
Outgoing text and email messages are also handled by selecting the recipient and message from a list. By making the most used combination the top or default settings a text can be sent by simply pushing the blue lighted button. For example if David were the top name on the Friend's and Family list and "Please call me." were the default message, pushing the blue button will instantly send a text and/or email to David that reads "Please call me."

Bluetooth Remote
The two button remote provides access to 911 and the Friend and Family list with one Red and one Green button that replicate the functionality of the corresponding buttons on the terminal. The design goal for the range of the remote is that a terminal in a small apartment could be activated by the remote from any room in the apartment.


Accurate Location for 911
911 Panic Button
911 Text to Friends List
911 Translator Request
Directives for Responders

Accurate 911 Location
When emergency calls are made with a properly setup Call911 Smart Terminal, the 911 operator will have the exact location of the call on their screen.

911 Panic Button
Pushing the red button on the two-button remote will instantly put the Smart Terminal in speakerphone mode and call 911.

Text to Friends List
Any number of friends and family can be sent a text saying a 911 call has been made.

Translator Request
In the case of a primary user that does not speak English, an announcement can be played when a 911 call connects saying: "The caller speaks ____________. If a translator is not immediately available please dispatch aid immediately."

Directives for Responders
When a 911 call is made, a blue beacon light is activated on the Smart Terminal. This beacon is designed to help first resonders find the person making the call. The screen of the terminal will offer first responders contact information for friends and family and links to documents such as Physcians Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment.


Internet Radio
Time - Date - Weather
Wake by Music or Light
Sleep to Nature
Voice & Visual Reminders

Internet Radio
Using the Web based setup screen any freely available MP3 stream can appear on the Smart Terminal's Music screen. This includes National Public Radio, Spotify and other streaming sources.

Local time, date and weather are diplayed.

Wake by Music or Light
A rear facing daylight colored LED panel can illuminate at a give simulating a sunrise. At the same time, music can be set to gradually increase in volume.

Sleep to Music or Sounds
Music or natural sounds such as the surf, a waterfall or a frog pond can play for a preset amount of time gradually decreasing in volume if desired.

One time or recurring reminders can be setup. Reminders arrive as text messages with the option of being spoken and/or blinking the message light.

A Brief History of Telephones and Telephone Calls

The Home Phone
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Always on. Always in the same place. Pick up the handset. Dial.

Always on. Always in the same place. Pick up the handset. Dial. Talk.

And when it is a 911 call the phone company automatically provides the 911 center with your complete address.

This is how the 911 system was designed. The carrier is obligated to supply your location directly from their phone installation records.

The 911 operator has your address on their computer screen the moment they answer your call. In most areas an emergency response will be sent to that address, even if you are unable to speak.

The New Home Phone
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Not always charged. Not always in the same place. Find it. Turn it on or wake it up from sleep mode. Is it really 3:10 AM? Put in your PIN. Oops did you tap the 4 instead of the 5? Tap in the number. Tap the call button. Did it go through? Do you have service? Can they hear you? No? Try standing by the window.

And if the call is to 911, be prepared to verbally give the operator your precise location because they will not have it.

The location information the 911 center receives from the cell phone carrier is not an address to which they can dispatch help. It is a rough approximation and sometimes not sufficiently accurate to direct your call to the correct 911 center - even if you are calling from the middle of your living room.

Five seconds after you pick up your smart phone to make the call, FaceBook will be sending updates to your entire friends list letting them know you are awake and might want to party.

Google will be sending you notifications of nearby all-night restaurants and offering directions from your front door.

Google and FaceBook know exactly where you are. When you call 911 with a cell phone, the 911 center does not. The 911 operator will be urging you to stay calm and would you please spell the name of your street.

The New, New Home Phone
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Always on. Always in the same place. Push the button to start a call. Talk.

A Call911 Messaging Center with a ten dollar monthly subscription and a WiFi connection provides the reliable calling and accurate emergency response location of a true home phone along with:

  • One Button Calls
  • Hands Free Conversations
  • Bluetooth Remote Button
  • A Local Phone Number
  • Mobile Phone Texting
  • eMail
  • Music and NPR
  • Clock, Alarm and Calendar
  • 7 Day Weather
  • First Responder Directives
  • Location Verification Map

Most importantly, when the red button is pressed, the Call911 Messaging Center calls the correct 911 response center and instantly provides complete and accurate location information. It can also sends text messages to a list of friends and family letting them know you need help.